Coming Into Recovery

There were times in our lives
when we knew we were touched by an unseen hand,
when we knew we were saved by something beyond ourselves,
when we recognized a force greater than ourselves
that had us in its loving embrace.

There were times when we were spared tragedies,
consequences, or what we thought were our just rewards,
and then there were times
when we were just grateful to be alive.

There were those times
when we realized we had been given a gift,
or a purpose to live by.

There were those times
when we learned to be quiet,
when we learned to be still,
when we surrendered
when we asked for help,
when we prayed for guidance.

And finally there were the times
when we walked away from our old lives and into recovery…
where we found friendship, faith, hope, and support,
where we found unconditional love, understanding and acceptance,
where we truly have another chance.

Lori Crockett

About Lori Crockett

I am loving life in long-term sobriety. I want to share my thoughts and my beliefs, my inspiration and my experiences with those of you who are also living in recovery. I want to provide a forum for you, my readers, to respond and share with your comments and emails and feedback. I hope by sharing my personal thoughts and feelings here that I can connect with people and extend support, understanding and most importantly--hope. I rely on yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and exercise to enhance my own sobriety, health and quality of life and would like to share what I have learned over the years. I love reading, the beach, gardening, walking my dog, and cuddling with my cats. I love working with others through volunteer work and through service work in my recovery program.
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