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Dropping the Rock

It is my history but it does not have to be my legacy. I am not who I was. I have asked God to help me change, help me put the past behind me, and help me move forward as … Continue reading

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Drinking Dreams

I think what triggered my latest drinking dream, which I had last night, was an article I read  about John Prine, a musical icon and hero, whose songs I had cut my teeth on in the 70’s as an impressionable … Continue reading

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The Steps by Candlelight

Being under self-quarantine has given me some much needed down-time, and as I  wander through my house I keep noticing things I haven’t noticed in a while, an old tin that upon opening, divulged a small pile of recipes, half … Continue reading

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Making Peace with the Past

Yes, we have to accept the past, as we cannot change it. But we can study it for wisdom, look into it for truth, examine it for understanding. Look at the past with open eyes. Try to see all the … Continue reading

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Go Deeper

There is depth,
underneath the surface,
underused. Continue reading

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I just responded to a post from a friend who lost two people to addiction this week. My response was heartfelt and taken from my own experience. This is what I said, “I have to remember this is a feelings … Continue reading

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Inner Children

We walk into the rooms with our inner children showing peeking out in pain and suffering… Scared, lost, vulnerable, sad… crushed into submission. Broken-spirited. At the jumping off place where the choice is finally just living or dying. Our act … Continue reading

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Alcoholics We may be physically old enough for our wants not to hurt us, but we aren’t emotionally old enough yet. Our wants can hurt us. Our feelings can hurt us. What to do with this “pain in our feelings”? … Continue reading

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Dirty Words in Recovery

Acceptance and expectations–two dirty words we hear a lot in the rooms of recovery. Both embody concepts most of us are quite uncomfortable with. We don’t want to accept the way things are, instead we want things to be the … Continue reading

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Coming Into Recovery

There were times in our lives when we knew we were touched by an unseen hand, when we knew we were saved by something beyond ourselves, when we recognized a force greater than ourselves that had us in its loving … Continue reading

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